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On-scene at the Lethal Strike shoot

Our thanks to MESCO of Salt Lake City, Utah and their employees for their patience while we interrupted their workday filming this portion of the DVD.

Joking around with the Supervisor.

Special thanks to IHC and the Intermountain Medical Center for allowing us to film at their new, world-class medical facility in Murray, Utah.

Things look bad for our hero!

Our thanks to Dr. Patrick Luers (in surgical gown) for lending his medical expertise (and newly-found acting skills) during the filming of "The Lethal Strike."

Taking care of the "minor injury" with a bandage.

Informing the Safety Officer of the injury.

Getting the injury "treated" at the emergency room.

Rory McLaren, founder and director of the Fluid Power Safety Institute™ watches intently during the shooting of one of the scenes of "The Lethal Strike."


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