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Rory McLaren takes pleasure in announcing the release of the exciting, interactive CD and newly revised edition of the popular book, "How To interpret Fluid Power Symbols." This is the first CD and book of its kind. This dynamic self-tutorial gives step-by-step instruction on exactly how to interpret ANSI and ISO symbols. This new work shows the subtle differences between ANSI and ISO symbols. It also includes logic valves, mobile directional control valves, and a host of new self-test exercises.

How will you benefit from this CD and book?
After learning the wealth of information contained in this CD and book combination, and completing the numerous self-test exercises, you will know:
1. Symbol rules and regulations.
2. How to interpret the vast majority of fluid power symbols.
3. How to recognize and identify symbols on any typical hydraulic schematic.

Here is an overview of the CD and book
Rory has an developed an interesting, simple, yet logical method of showing what all the squares, lines, arrows, zig-zags, etc., in a symbol represent - he simply places a cutaway of the actual component alongside the symbol, and in a simple, step-by-step process, he points out exactly what they represent - you will quickly learn that "what you see is what you get!" There is no easier or more interesting way to learn fluid power symbols.

Another great benefit of this unique learning method is that while the primary objective is to learn symbols, the student is also becoming familiar with the make-up of fluid power components. The self-test exercises are both interesting and challenging. The CD can be run in both self-tutorial mode, where you set the pace and control the activity, or in automatic-tutor mode, where the CD guides you through each lesson.

Available in PC format.

The CD and book both include other extremely useful and helpful information:
1. Each module starts out with a comprehensive list of task objectives.
2. After each module, there are numerous self-test exercises so you can check your progress.

Introducing the release of the exciting
interactive CD and newly-revised edition
of the most comprehensive book
about fluid power symbols
ever published!

Who will benefit from this CD and book?
1. Students of fluid power technology will find these tools immensely useful. The self-test exercises and step-by-step instructions will have students reading fluid power symbols and schematics in no time at all.
2. Instructors - This book, along with the interactive CD, is designed especially for instructors to use as a turnkey symbol teaching aid. The self-test exercises can be given as homework or as in-class projects. There is simply no better tool for teaching your students how to read fluid power symbols.
3. Draftspersons - People who are responsible for drawing fluid power diagrams, circuits, and schematics, will find these tools extraordinarily useful. In a matter of hours they will be familiar enough with fluid power symbols that they will be able to correctly recognize and draw them.
4. Salespersons - People who need to sketch drawings for clients or potential clients, or who need to read a client's system schematic, must know how to correctly identify fluid power symbols. Take the book and CD along to your meetings as an invaluable reference.
5. Engineers - You will have no difficulty correctly identifying fluid power symbols with this handy reference book by your side.
6. Fluid power technicians - At last! A tool that helps you master fluid power symbols at your own pace.

We make the "test drive" easy!
30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

You never have to pay for a product that fails to meet or exceed your expectations. Return the product within 30-days, for a full refund, invoice credit, or exchange!
(See Terms and Conditions)

How To Interpret Fluid Power Symbols CD and book R.S.McLaren 0-9639619-5-0 FPTI-002CD $89.95
How To Interpret Fluid Power Symbols book only R.S.McLaren 0-9639619-2-6 HC-R016 $49.95


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