Safety Advisory
The Fluid Power Safety Institute™ is constantly on the lookout for ways and means to prevent accidents and save lives. Publications; news articles; accident reports; feedback from site visitors; and, of course, our own extensive research and some of our databases.

There is information we receive that we believe should be brought to your attention immediately to help thwart accidents.

We have chosen the Safety Advisory as the vehicle by which we can convey this information to you expeditiously.

Ref. No.
Description of safety advisory -
Diesel mechanic injured as the result of using unsafe diagnostic equipment to perform a routine troubleshooting procedure.

Millwright killed while tightening a leaking high pressure connector.

Maintenance worker fatally injured after having hydraulic oil injected into hand while attempting to bleed trapped air from a hydraulic cylinder.

Maintenance technicians severely injured while attempting to remove a stubborn rod-end gland from a hydraulic cylinder.

Farm-worker loses several limbs from accident caused by an unprotected rotating shaft.

Mechanic's helper loses hand while attempting to remove the end-cap from a piston-type accumulator.

Operator fatally injured while attempting to free a jammed conveyor.

Millwright seriously injured as a result of an accident suffered while operating a portable, high-pressure hand-pump (porta-power).

Mobile mechanic fractures both arms as a result of an accident suffered while working on a scissor-lift.

Millwright suffers eye injury, minor burns, bruises, and abrasions, as a result of an accident suffered while testing a hydraulic motor.

Maintenance technician burns down an entire manufacturing plant as a result of an accident caused while testing a hydraulic cylinder.

Mill maintenance technician, with some hydraulic training, injured as a result of an accident suffered while removing a hydraulic cylinder from production to replace gland seals that were reportedly leaking.

Oil-field service mechanic suffers a broken ankle and chest lacerations when struck by a "flying" cylinder rod that was inadvertently launched into the air using compressed air.

Another person falls at work! - Man dies of injuries in coal-mine accident.

Production Superintendent crushed to death while working on a vacuum forming mold. LOCK IT OUT!!!

Steel worker crushed to death under 17 tons of iron-ore pellets. Another worker falls with his "lock by his side."

Farmer crushed to death under corn planter while changing a flat tire!

Excellent advisory about preventing worker deaths from uncontrolled release of electrical, mechanical, and other types of hazardous energy.

Once again there is controversy about hydraulic systems safety.

Job-Related Deaths Declined in 1999

Have a hairline crack in a steel hydraulic transmission line? Think twice before you weld it while there is oil inside!

Worker gets blamed for deadly accident caused by poor hydraulic system design!

SAE Code 61, SAE Code 62, and Caterpillar® 4-bolt flange confusion - There are many people who think that on-the-job training for hydraulics is adequate. Here is a prime example why it simply does not work. In fact, it can leave innocent people vulnerable to severe injury or death.

Unsafe service, repair, and troubleshooting recommendations are running rampant throughout the fluid power industry - and there is no end in sight!

This recommendation for air-bleeding a hydraulic cylinder could cause severe injury, or death.

This manufacturer's recommendations for testing their hydraulic motor could, in our opinion, cause severe injury, death, or substantial property damage.

A millwright with no formal training in hydraulics, suffered a non-injury accident as a result of an error made by a hydraulic distributor when crossing over a hydraulic directional control valve from one manufacturer to another.

Stop! Before you "fly" another aerial platform into the clear blue sky, read this safety advisory!

What this manufacturer of coil-tubing machines recommends about troubleshooting their hydraulic system could, in our opinion, cause severe injury, death, or substantial property damage.


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