Director's Reports
Safety from the Cradle
by Rory S. McLaren

"What has family and community safety got to do with industrial safety?"
Let me explain!

Children are created out of a deep and sincere love of a man for a woman and a woman for a man. Once conceived, a woman instinctively learns to love and nurture her unborn child.

Her partner, while being somewhat removed from the miracle of having a child grow within, waits anxiously for the moment that their labor of love, their child, makes its first move.

As the months go by, and the delivery date looms, mom and dad spend many hours discussing how the child will be raised. They seek advice from their parents, their siblings, child care professionals, and from many other resources - and they create an unwritten "life-plan" for their new creation!

The "life-plan" has many facets - one of the most profound being the protection and safety of their child - for now and for the future.

In preparation for the arrival of their precious child, mom and dad start to review the consumer magazines for the best and safest child restraints and child proofing devices.

They survey the home for all possible hazards, and turn to their local hardware store for hazard protection devices such as drawer and closet door locks, electrical receptacle protectors, stairway gates, etc.

Thus, mom and dad emerge as our first safety managers. Because they are protecting a young innocent life, the energy they expend carrying out this critical duty is effortless and tireless - it will be measured in direct proportion to the profound love they have for their child.

And so is born the concept of "safety from the cradle."
Parenting is not an easy task. However with profound love being the foundation of everything we do for our children - including teaching them the value of safety - the task is less daunting.

Parents efforts are rewarded in many different ways: family outings; birthday celebrations; school activities; sports activities; meeting new friends; shopping together; college; marriage; and then the circle of life begins over as parents celebrate the arrival of grandchildren.

However, to insure the lifelong enjoyment of a child, parents MUST NEVER GIVE UP on one aspect of the "life-plan" - the unrelenting effort to nurture and embrace safety.

Our plan is to post articles that will help parents, and children alike, to formulate a plan for survival in a world in which we are challenged every day to make the right decisions about safety.

We will share with you stories of the joy and success of being safe, and the horror and grief of not being safe.

We will give you ideas for family safety projects, school projects, and cautions about toys that succeed or fail to help nurture safety.

The idea behind this project is to help parents embrace the concept of "safety from the cradle," bearing in mind that while we are helping our children understand and appreciate safety, we are also raising the next generation of American workers.

I firmly believe that today's safe children will forge tomorrow's safe workplace! Let's work together to make America's workplace the safest workplace in the world, where people go to work for their families, and ALWAYS go home to their families.

Your comments are welcome.


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