Fluid Power Safety Newsletter
"Most people who service, repair, and troubleshoot hydraulic systems are vulnerable to the possibility of high-pressure injection injuries because they are not properly trained in hydraulics and pneumatics to recognize and prevent a potential hazard. A key obstacle towards achieving and maintaining a well-trained workforce is the high level of labour turnover, which more than likely demands that an inexperienced operator learn a new complex task by trial-and-error in a production situation while at the same time expecting of him to generate a high level of productivity. Judging from the positive feedback received from viewers over the years the reports and case studies published on this site have greatly benefited many individuals, including unskilled and semi-skilled operators who are made more aware of the physics associated with hydraulics and the prevention of debilitating, high-pressure injection injuries."

Rory S. McLaren
Parent, Director, and Founder of the Fluid Power Safety Institute™.

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #7
Urgent Safety Alert for miners who repair and service longwall shields and systems!
In light of the recent rash of coal-mine fatalities in our nation, please treat this matter with urgency.

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #6

Reactive safety – the American way!
The majority of corporate safety programs are nothing more than a façade – window dressing!

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #5

The NCFP “censors” the paper I wrote for the upcoming conference in Las Vegas!
When will they take safety seriously?

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #4

Hydraulic Safety Videos and CD’s
High-Pressure Injection Injuries
Ignorance and Oversight – the Ingredients for a High-Pressure Injection Injury
A Perspective on High-Pressure Injection Injuries
Management of a High-Pressure Injection Injury
Don’t Overlook the Collateral Hazards Associated with Oil Escaping to Atmosphere
Prevention of High-Pressure Injection Injuries – Our First Priority
“The Lethal Strike”
Training Methodology

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #3
Another disgraceful example of the state of safety in the fluid power industry!
Letter from mechanic's concerned wife.
FPSI™ comment.
Urgent Plea!

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #2
Group Safety Awards - Excellence or Apathy? -
Do group safety awards work?
Who benefits?
Is pure luck the reason why many safety records are broken?
Give credit where credit is due.

Fluid Power Safety Newsletter #1
Safety from the cradle -
Thanks to uncaring parents, most children are unprepared for safety.
Manners, respect, honor, safety - best taught by parents!
The future American workplace - a killing field!
A wake-up call for parents.

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